Tear Down-Rebuilds

If you like your property and where you live but your home is old and outdated, let Top Craft tear down and rebuild on your existing property the home you always wanted and what you wish to be incorporated into it. We can increase the size of your existing home (subject to zoning restrictions) and update your kitchen and bathrooms with all state of the art appliances and fixtures. A typical project of up to 5000 sq. ft. Takes approximately seven months from permit issuance to completion.

For those customers that wish to build a new home in an area where there is no land available Top Craft along with our network of local real estate brokers can help find a suitable location for our clients. Once a suitable, existing location is found we can tear down and build what you require. Top Craft works with the client from demolition, design, product selection right thru construction and final delivery.  Click the portfolio tab to view pictures of some of our tear downs and rebuilds.